How reliable is the GMS disaster recovery process?

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The GMS disaster recovery process is extremely reliable.

GMS provide the option to save a copy of a System Recovery file at regular intervals. This file can contain (if all of the options are selected) all of the information required to completely restore your mail server, other than the users mailboxes. The system recovery file can either
be saved to a directory on your server or emailed to an offsite location for safe storage. Additionally Gordano offers the service of retaining copies of System Recovery files for customers with support contracts and will resend them back to those customer on request.

Users mailboxes should be backed up using your normal backup software. Additionally Message Logging for each domain on your system may be turned on independently, and this will save a copy of all messages passing through that domain. There are management options for these files to automatically zip them up, delete them and email them to an off site location at specified intervals.

If you are using eSarah you can additionally query these logs directly at the off site location, and recover any messages in the logs matching your query.

Restoring a failed server is straightforward, simply follow the instructions in Knowledge Base entry 102 which is linked below.

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