How does the W32/Sobig.E virus enter my system?

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Users have complained of receiving a virus called W32/Sobig.E even though I have GMS Anti-Virus installed and protecting my system.

Fortunately the virus is not particularly malicious. It also arrives inside a zip file, so for users machines to become infected they must first unzip the virus and then specifically elect to run it on their machines.


This virus uses slightly non standard mime encoding in an effort to bypass any content checking software intalled on the server including Anti-virus software.

Build 3138 and later of GMS is not affected by this vulnerability and it is recommended that all customers upgrade to this release. Customers running earlier builds of GMS not wishing to upgrade can download a hotfix from our ftp site (see links below).

Gordano also recommends that all users are given explicit warnings regarding opening attachments from unknown sources.


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