How does GMS help with compliance?

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GMS provides a number of facilities which will be of interest to Compliance Officers within organizations.

  • All messages passing through the server (including Instant Messages) can be fully logged (Archived). These logs or archives can be maintained in an off-site location for security. The logs can be queried at a later date if any questions arise.
  • A set of rules can be applied to messages to look for and alert relelvant parties if any of the rules are triggered.
  • Standard disclaimers can be attached to each message leaving the server.
  • Inbound and outbound virus checking. It can be just as important to ensure that you do not send viruses out to your customers as to ensure that you do not receive any viruses into your network.

    Additionally GMS is fully RFC compliant while providing high levels of robustness and security making it particularly suited for deployment in situations where security is important. GMS is already deployed within banks, brokerages, the FBI, the US Army and other organisations where security is of the utmost importance.

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