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How does GMS behave if the server is shut down by a UPS?


If there is a power outage my APC UPS software knows how to shut down Exchange server. Are there any issues if theres a power outage and my UPS forces a shutdown or a hibernate in Win2K when GMS has half sent a message?


A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is a device that protects servers against power surges or dips, as well as provides battery backup in the case of a total power outage.

Should the power outage last too long, and the battery runs low on charge, the UPS can normally shut down the server to protect it from the damage that can be caused by the server powering off unexpectedly.

When this happens, GMS will shut down automatically as part of the system shutdown. If a message is in the process of being delivered GMS will try to complete delivery of the message, if it is unable to do so the message is automatically flagged to be retried when the system is restarted.

GMS does not require special features from the UPS to achieve this, it is handled automatically.

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