How do I view FreeBusy information using GMS Collaboration?

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I am using Microsoft Outlook and would like to view FreeBusy information for other users so I can easily see when they are available. How do I do this?


In order to view FreeBusy information in Microsoft Outlook you first need to configure GMS Collaboration as the FreeBusy source.

To do this, open Outlook and select Tools > Options > Calendar Options. Click on the "Free/Busy Options…" button and in the "Search Location" area enter


Note: You will need to replace "your_server" with the fully qualified name of the GMS server.

Note: Please be aware that to query freebusy information you must be inside the IP range specified under Mail->Security->Local IP.

If you are outside this range, the system administrator must enable the use of freebusy for authenticated users from the GMS Anti-Spam->Connect->Authenticate page of the interface.

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