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How do I use the Banned Hosts option?


The Banned Hosts option allows you to define a list of IP addresses that you do not want your server to accept connections from on Port 25. The connections are rejected after the connecting host issue the SMTP HELO comamnd.

The first entry in the list must always be an asterisk (*) which allows all servers to connect. Specific IP addresses or IP address ranges can then be banned from the server by entering them, each on a line of its own preceded by an exclamation mark (!). For example, to allow
all IP Addresses except for w.x.y.z and everything in the Class C group a.b.c.*, the entries would look like this


Further details of IP address matching options that can be used anywhere in GMS can be found in Q0404.

Please note: As of Version 10 this feature is now known as “Allowed IPs”

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