How do I use NetShield with VSM?

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The following information has been provided by a customer using Inoculate 6.0 in conjunction with VSM.

  • Program location:
    C:Program FilesNetwork AssociatesNetShield 2000 scan32.exe

  • Log Location:
    C:Program FilesNetwork AssociatesNetShield 2000scanlog.txt

  • Command Line:

  • Timeout:

  • Primary search string:

  • Primary Window Name:

  • Button to close Primary window:

One thing to keep in mind is that VirusScan should not be running on the system. When it’s running, it conflicts with VSM. You’ll need to disable it from starting when the machine starts.

NOTE: Due to reliability and performance issues, VSM has been replaced by GMS Anti-Virus which includes continous signature file upadtes and cleaning options.

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