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How do I use IP Address matching?


GMS allow IP address matching in a wide range of locations throughout the products. Each time you see the address matching, it works using the same set of principles which are detailed in the Administrator’s Manual and below.


There are many areas of the software where you will need to use IP addresses rather than domain names for entering information. Here, is an explanation of the various ways in which IP addresses may be entered.

a.b.c.d Specific IP address
a.b.c.* All IP addresses beginning a.b.c
a.b.c.d-e A range of IP addresses from d to e
a.b.c.d/n Use first n bits

Note that a ‘!’ may be placed at the beginning of the address to indicate NOT.


! NOT IP Address
194.194.194.* Addresses in the range -> Addresses in the range ->
194.194.192-195 As above Addresses in the B Class range ->

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