How do I use Inoculate 6.0 with VSM

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The following information has been provided by a customer using Inoculate 6.0 in conjunction with VSM.

The following commands were set to use Inoculate 6.0
The -arc option in the command line allows the scanner to check archived files such as zip files for viruses.
The -lis option creates a log file.

  • Command Line
    Inocmd32 -lis:%L% -arc %F%

  • Log Location

  • Program Location
    C:Program FilesComputer AssociatesInoculateITInocmd32.exe

  • Primary Search String
    Total Infected Files Found: 1

NOTE: Due to reliability and performance issues, VSM has been replaced by GMS Anti-Virus which includes continous signature file upadtes and cleaning options.

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