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How do I upgrade to the latest release of OfficeTalk with Jet?

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Note: This FAQ refers to installations that use OfficeTalk with the Jet database server only. See related FAQ to upgrade OfficeTalk with the ASA database.

Note: References to the ‘server computer’ below should be applied to the computer that holds the client setup folder, %systemdrive%Setup32. This will usually be the computer on which OfficeTalk was first installed and that, in the case of JET and ASA installations, holds the database.

Note: In order to upgrade from OfficeTalk 1.x to 4.x it is first necessary to upgrade to OfficeTalk 98 and then to upgrade to OfficeTalk 4.x. The latest setup for OfficeTalk 4.x can be downloaded from OfficeTalk 4.x Setup.


Upgrading from OfficeTalk 1.x Jet to OfficeTalk 98 Jet

  1. Ensure that all users have closed OfficeTalk, except for one logged onto the server computer as a supervisor.
  2. In Supervisor mode, click File, Export, Workgroup… In the Export Workgroup dialogue box enter the name of the target .cmp file to which the entire database will be exported. Click OK to export the data. Note that this may take several minutes, depending on the amount of data.
  3. Run the OfficeTalk 98 (32-bit) setup program. This will detect the existing OfficeTalk 1.x installation and will present an upgrade page. When prompted enter the name and location of the .cmp file containing your exported data. In the next page, select the Jet database platform and then work through the remainder of the Setup wizard.
  4. At the end of setup you will be prompted to upgrade the database. The database conversion will begin. The database conversion may take several minutes depending on the amount of data. Once the conversion is complete, you can now upgrade to OfficeTalk 4.x.

Upgrading from OfficeTalk 98 Jet, OfficeTalk 3.x Jet or later to OfficeTalk 4.x Jet

  1. Backup the OfficeTalk database.
  2. Note the supervisor username and password for later use.
  3. Ensure all OfficeTalk clients are working correctly on-line and then close each OfficeTalk application on the network.
  4. Run the OfficeTalk 4.x setup program on the server computer. Follow the installation wizard through to completion, ensuring that you select Jet from the Database page of the setup wizard.
  5. Run up OfficeTalk 4.x. You will be asked to upgrade the database. Select Yes. You will be asked to enter the login name and password of a supervisor to continue. The upgrade may take several minutes, depending on the size of the database.
  6. Once setup is complete, log into OfficeTalk 4.x on the server computer.
  7. Run the client setup on each client computer by browsing to \SERVEROTALKsetup32 where SERVER is the name of the OfficeTalk server (the computer on which you first installed OfficeTalk) and OTALK is the share that represents the %systemdrive%otalk folder .
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