How do I upgrade Gordano products?

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The upgrade process has been designed to be a simple and straight-forward as possible for all upgrades with all of Gordano’s products. All upgrades are "one-way" (that is, you can’t go down a version) and are designed to maintain the "status-quo". That is, after upgrade you will find that any new options and facilities that are available will be in the default (previous) settings.

For example, it is still possible to upgrade from version 2 to the latest version of GMS by simply downloading the new version and running the installation on the same machine that is running version 2.

When you do an upgrade, we recommend that you create a System Recovery file first and save it to a safe location. Then run the upgrade program. Once the upgrade is complete, you will have a fully functioning messaging system.

  • Download the appropriate file for your operating system from the links below and save it to disk.
  • If you are running Windows then all you need do is run the downloaded file on your mail server.
  • For other platforms please unpack the files into a temporary directory and run the setup script.

Note: You must have a valid maintenance (or upgrade) key either already installed on your server or available to enter as part of the upgrade process.

If you are unsure how to enter keys into your GMS installation please see the links below.


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