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How do I set up Sophos AntiVirus with GMS?


How do I set up Sophos AntiVirus to work with VSM?
What do I enter for the Program Location?
What do I enter for the log file location?


Sophos is not a supported virus scanner therefore you must use the Custom option, filling out the full path to the executable file and the log file. The log file must have a fixed name, i.e. it can not change names from day to day.

However you should not have the anti-virus software running as a background process as well; this can lead to conflicts if the background process alters a file that GMS is also using. This may also interfere with VSM’s ability to read the log file, which it needs to do to determine the result of the virus scan.

It has been found that the following options allow Sophos for Windows NT/2000/XP to be used in conjunction with VSM.

  • VScanCommandLine %P% -SS -p=%L% %F%
  • VScanLog C:Sophossav.log
  • VScanProgram C:Sophossav32cli.exe
  • VScanSearchStr1 Virus

NOTE: The use of Sophos Anti-Virus products is not supported by Gordano. You will need to contact the Anti-virus product manufacturer for the correct settings.

NOTE: Due to reliability and performance issues, VSM has been replaced by GMS Anti-Virus which includes continuous signature file updates, multiple threads and cleaning options.

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