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How do I resolve Outlook Add-in Conflicts?


Any synchronization problems, including those where records are:-

  • Duplicated
  • Synchronized as blank records
  • Synchronized incompletely
  • Synchronized to a folder outside the Shared Information folder
  • .

More Info

Add-ins are extensions to Outlook that may be loaded into Outlook when installing third party software. Sometimes add-ins fail to interact in the expected manner. Often the solution is to disable the Add-ins you are not using.

The Add-ins required by WorkgroupShare are:-

  • Redemption Helper
  • WorkgroupShare Add-in

The following Add-ins are known to cause problems with WorkgroupShare. We recommend that you disable them.

  • Exchange Extensions Property Pages Add-in
  • Netfolders
  • Outlook Sync


Disable all non essential add-ins

  • Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and 2003. Open Outlook and click Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options. Click Add-in manager and uncheck all non-essential add-ins, leaving the Redemption Helper Outlook Extension add-in enabled. Click OK. Click COM Add-ins and uncheck all non-esential add-ins, leaving just the WorkgroupShare Add-in enabled. Click OK. Note that when running WorkgroupShare v2.3 or later on these versions of Outlook, WorkgroupShare is not shown in the COM add-ins list, and this is normal.
  • Outlook 2007. Open Outlook and click Tools, Trust Center. Select Add-ins on the left and at the bottom choose to manage “COM Add-ins”. Click on GO. Un-check the Add-ins you wish to disable and click on OK. Repeat this process for the “Exchange Client Extensions”. We recommend that wherever possible you disable all Add-ins other than the WorkgroupShare Client and Redemption Helper Outlook Extensions.

Restart Outlook.

If disabling non-essential Add-ins as mentioned above did not resolve the issue we recommend that you disable all the add-ins except the WorkgroupShare and Redemption Helper add-ins and then re-enable them again one at a time until the problem re-occurs. You can then determine which add-in is causing the problem.

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