How do I Report Zero-Hour Misclassifications?

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I use GMS Anti-Spam Zero Hour protection meaning that I very rarely see a false positive or false negative. Should this happen however, how would I report these messages?


We strongly recommend that the options built into GMS are used for reporting Zero-Hour misclassifications. These can be found in the Reported Junk Mail report for false negatives, and in the Quarantine report for false positives.

For end users that do not have access to GMS Webmail and its in-built reporting features we have created a special account called "spam" within GMS to allow false negatives to be reported. The address of this account will vary for each installation depending on the domain name of the individual installation, for example

Alternatively, there is a manual mechanism for reporting messages, either individually or in groups, via email. It is important to note in this case that the original messages must be attached to your email report rather than forwarded. This ensures that all the original message-headers are also sent for analysis. Reports that do not contain the original message-headers can not be analyzed.

Spam classification errors should be reported to the following addresses:
   False Negative to
   False Positive to

Old messages can not be re-analyzed due to spam characteristics dynamically changing within short periods of time. It is therefore highly important that you send reports of classification mistakes as soon as possible. In general, you should avoid sending reports that are older than one week.

Please note that in all reports the complete message headers are required, and in the case of false negatives the entire message is required. You must include the original filtered email as a MIME attachment. Do not forward the original filtered email as all the original headers may be lost.

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