How do I remove duplicate items from a shared folder

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Folders shared by WorkgroupShare contain duplicate entries.


This can happen for various reasons and is not necessarily related to WorkgroupShare synchronization. Where it is related to WorkgroupShare activity some possible causes are:-

  • A client is re-installed following an un-install that did not remove the data from the server.
  • Add-in conflicts within Outlook. See FAQ How do I resolve Outlook Add-in Conflicts?
  • Multiple Outlook clients sharing a common PST file and synchronizing with WorkgroupShare.


Download and run the WorkgroupShare Duplicate Removal utility

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This tool can be used to remove any duplicated data from the WorkgroupShare database on the server computer. It does not matter how the duplication occurred. Duplicates will be removed from the database and this will be reflected in all clients as soon as they next synchronize with the server.

Note: The Duplicate Remover application requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework be installed on this computer. If you run the Duplicate Remover application and Windows returns an error, please download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework.


  1. Stop the WorkgroupShare server program.
  2. Make a backup copy of your WorkgroupShare database. This is a file called SCS.mdb, located in the Workgroupshare data folder. The default location for this is C:Program FilesCommon FilesSoftalkData, but this is determined by the user during setup. Do not proceed with this procedure if it has not been possible to backup the database.
  3. Extract the DupRemove.exe file to a local folder on the WorkgroupShare server computer before running the utility .
  4. Select the folder type that you want to check.
  5. Click Find Duplicates. This opens up and searches the WorkgroupShare database for duplicates in the specified folder type. The fields used to determine if items are duplicated are displayed. The list of duplicates is shown in the table, showing the original item and any duplicates of it. Check this before proceeding.
  6. Click on Remove Duplicates to remove all duplicates that are shown. These will be permanently deleted from the database.
  7. Restart the WorkgroupShare server program.More info
  8. When the WorkgroupShare client next synchronizes, the deletions in the database will be passed on to the client.

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