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All Gordano products have an internal scripting language called “MML” or Mail Meta Language. This language is simple but extremely powerful. GLCommunicator will allow MML to be included in the Header/Footer region of messages or anywhere in the message.


First create your list – for example test@test.dom. Proceed to the “GLCom>Post>Processing” page, change “Execute MML within posted messages” to “Headers and Footers” and press update. Press the “EDIT” button to allow you to change the footer of your message. The footer is added to every message as it is posted through NTList. In the “footer” section, enter the line:

<# print("You joined on ", DateJoined); #>

and press UPDATE. Add some users to the list (you could use
GLCom>Manage>Import to do this) and then post a message to the list.

Result: Check the message that has been delivered to one of the list members and you should see the following line added to the bottom (with a different date)!

You joined on 1999-09-03 11:20:53

Notes: There are several other variables that could have been used, for example:

RCPT Where the message is being delivered to.
MAIL Who sent the message.
NumBadMsgs Number of messages returned to the mailing list by this user.
Name If the name could be obtained from the email message, the name of the person on the list.
Organization If the organisation is specified in the email message, this will be the name of the organisation that the person belongs to.

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