How do I purchase Softalk Mail Server?

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Purchase – online

To purchase Softalk Mail Server on-line, browse to the Softalk Mail Server purchase page. For a new licence click on the required number of user licences. Alternatively for additional options, select the relevant option below this. On the next page confirm the details and click ‘Add to Cart’ before proceeding to checkout.

[NOTE: If you experience difficulty with the purchase pages and you are using a different web browser, try again using Internet Explorer.]

At the checkout, enter the contact details. The Company name should be that of the Company that will be using the licence. Resellers or IT consultants purchasing on behalf of a client should not enter their own Company name. Click the button at the bottom to proceed. You will be taken to the Netbanx secure on-line transaction page.

  1. Select the card type and enter the cardholders name, as displayed on the card.
  2. The following fields are optional: Cardholders email address, Cardholders house name or number, Cardholders post/zip code and Mobile number.
  3. Enter the card number with no spaces.
  4. The card security number is optional and consists of the last three digits of the number in the signature strip.
  5. The card issue number is required for Switch and Electron cards.
  6. Enter the card start date (for debit cards only).
  7. Enter the card expiry date (required for all card types).

Press Transmit once and wait for on-screen confirmation from Netbanx. A short while later you will receive an email confirmation of the purchase. Soon after that a keycode will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided in the contact details. This will contain instructions on how to enter the keycode into Softalk Mail Server. If Netbanx reports a problem with the card transaction, go back and check the details before trying again. Note that after three failed attempts to purchase, Netbanx will suspend transactions from that computer for thirty minutes.

[NOTE: A 3D Secure dialogue box may pop up asking for an additional password or to enrol your card. This security is provided by your card issuer and will use a password that you have previously set up with them. Please follow the instructions to validate your identity to your card issuer. You may get an opportunity to enrol your card later if you have not done so already.

Purchase – other

To purchase Softalk Mail Server by any other means, please send an email to with the following information:-

  1. Contact name
  2. Company name
  3. Company address
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Contact email address
  6. Fax number
  7. Product required
  8. Number of users
  9. Required method of payment, direct credit transfer or cheque

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