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How do I publish my FreeBusy information using GMS Collaboration?


I am using Microsoft Outlook 2002 and would like to publish my FreeBusy information so others can easily see when I am available. How do I do this?


To publish your FreeBusy information you need to log on to the GMS Administration interface. By default this interface runs on port 8000 of your server, if you can not connect to this port please check with your System Administrator in case they have changed the port from the default.

Once connected log on using your username and password and go to Administration > Mail > Account. Here you can enable publishing of FreeBusy information, as well as electing to show any private entries.

You can also set how many days information should be published.

Note: Please be aware that to query freebusy information you must be inside the IP range specified under Mail->Security->Local IP.

If you are outside this range, the system administrator must enable the use of freebusy for authenticated users from the GMS Anti-Spam->Connect->Authenticate page of the interface.

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