How do I protect myself from the WarVote.A@mm Worm?

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Aliases: Vote, W32.Vote.A@mm, W32/Vote@MM, Troj_Vote.A, W32/Vote-A
Type: Internet Worm
Description: WarVote.A@mm is a mass mailing internet worm written in Visual Basic. It arrives as an attachment to an email that contains the following information:

Subject: Fwd:Peace BeTween AmeriCa and IsLaM !
Message: Hi

iS iT waR Against AmeriCa Or IsLaM !?
Let's Vote To Live in Peace!
Attachment: WTC.exe

When the attachment is double clicked the worm is executed, and will begin emailing copies of itself to each recipient in the Microsoft Outlook address book. It will then attempt to delete the contents of several folders that contain installation information for certain antivirus products. WarVote.A@mm will also search all available fixed and network drives for files with the extensions .htm and .html; if found, they will be overwritten.


GMS Anti-Virus definitions files updated on the 27th September 2001 or later will detect the WarVote.A@mm Worm.

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