How Do I Move an OfficeTalk JET Database to Another Computer?

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On your new server, perform a clean installation of OfficeTalk, ensuring that you select JET as the database platform.

On your production server, locate your OfficeTalk database file, this normally exists in %systemdrive%otalk and called otdb.mdb. However, if you have installed OfficeTalk in a different location then you will need to refer to this path.

Close all open OfficeTalk windows on all computers and ensure that the ldb file in the same location as the otdb.mdb has disappeared.

Once you are satisfied that the database server is no longer in use, copy your production database file, which you located earlier, to the newly installed test server. The database file will need to be copied to the location where the OfficeTalk server was installed, such as C:OTalk by default, overwriting the existing file if prompted to do so.

If the new OfficeTalk server is also to be the mail gateway then this will need to be set thus:

Open OfficeTalk on this computer and go into Supervisor mode. Expand Mail Services and double click on your particular mail service. Click on the Host tab and select the Gateway machine radio button. You may need to enter the required server address.

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