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How do I move a WorkgroupShare client to a new computer?


WorkgroupShare v2

All relevant settings are stored in the PST file. All that needs to be done is to move the PST file over to the new system and install the WorkgroupShare client software.

WorkgroupShare v1

Copy the Outlook PST file to the new computer or, if appropriate, configure the new computer to access the original PST file from a network share.

Copy the following client specific WorkgroupShare data files from the old computer to the same location on the new computer. They can be found in the users’ Windows profile under Local SettingsApplication DataSoftalkWorkgroupShareClient.


Note: This folder structure will not exist on a new machine, you will have to create this by hand or you can copy the whole Softalk folder and its contents. The Local Settings folder may also be a hidden or system folder and so may not be visible with the default folder settings.

Important: Failing to copy these data files from the old computer to the correct location on the new computer will result in duplication of data.

Now install the WorkgroupShare client software for that user.

Alternatively, un-install the WorkgroupShare Client software from the old computer and ensure that no folders remain under this users account in the WorkgroupShare Administrator. Then, once Outlook has been set up with the original PST file on the new computer, install the WorkgroupShare client once more. Note: this method of moving a client will re-synchronize all shared data from the client to the server and permissions on these folders will need to be re-configured.

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