How do I measure success of advertising?

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GLCommunicator provides the ability for you to automatically cycle advertisements
at the beginning and end of email messages that are posted to your lists.
This allows you to develop a rate card for the number of impressions that
each advert gains. So what is the success of this advertising?


Instead of putting your customer’s URL in the advert that is posted, you
put the URL of a special page on your own Web server. This page will look
something like:

content=”0; URL=customer’s home page”>

Once this is done, any reader who selects the URL in the advert is first
taken to your site and then on to your customer’s. By analyzing the logs
for your page you can find out how many people have responded to the advert
placed on the mailing list.

GMS Communication Server version 5 will allow you to automate this process and collect
information about who actually clicked on the URL…

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