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How do I install WorkgroupMail plug-ins?


WorkgroupMail plug-ins cannot be used without an existing installation of WorkgroupMail v6, v7 or later. The evaluation copy of WorkgroupMail includes the Content Filtering , VirusChecker, Shared Address Book, Mailing list and Message Archiver plug-ins. The Content Filtering, Shared Address Book and VirusChecker plug-ins are pre-installed but the Mailing list and Message Archive plug-ins will need to be imported if required. Any other plug-ins, for example the Single Mailbox plug-in, must be downloaded from this web site and imported into the WorkgroupMail Administrator.You can do this by starting the WorkgroupMail Administrator program and choosing File | Import Plug-in…. Then, browse to the folder containing the WorkgroupMail installation and select the appropriate plug-in DLL from the files listed. The plug-in will then appear in the WorkgroupMail Administrator program.

If, when you try to install a plug-in you get the message “Enter the text for the ProgID of the plug-in object contained within the plug-in DLL” then the version of the plug-in does not match that of WorkgroupMail. You will need to upgrade to the latest version of WorkgroupMail and then import the plug-in.

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