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How do I install the Message Archive Plug-in?

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The Message Archive plug-in saves all the sent and received messages, including attachments, into a folder within the WorkgroupMailData folder. These are saved as eml files (raw email data).

Sent messages go into DataArchivedTXMsgs
Received messages go into DataArchivedRXMsgs


To enable the Message Archive Plug-in:

  1. Open the WorkgroupMail Administrator
  2. Open the Plug-in Manager (Edit, Plug-in Manager)
  3. Click Add, click Browse, browse to your WorkgroupMail installation folder (usually C:Program FilesWorkgroupMail)
  4. Select MessageLog.dll. Click Open, Next, Finish and Close.

The Message Archive Plug-in should appear at the bottom of the list in the WorkgroupMail Administrator. WorkgroupMail will now archive any new messages.

To change the plug-in processing order, use the Plug-in Manager to raise or lower the Message Archive plug-in. Plug-ins are processed in the list order from top to bottom.

To remove the Message Archive Plug-in return to the Plug-in Manager as above, click on the Message Archive Plug-in and click Remove.

To temporarily stop the archiving of messages right click on the Message Archive Plug-in and select Disable. To enable it again right click the icon and select Enable. When disabled a red ring with a slash across the plug-in icon will appear.

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