How do I import and register my custom plug-in.

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A custom plug-in has been created and it now needs to be imported into the WorkgroupMail Administrator. When importing the custom plug-in you are prompted to enter the Prog-ID.


The Prog-ID should be entered as Plug-in_Name.Engine, where Plug-in_Name is the name of your project. For the sample plug-in this would be Sampleplugin.engine.

For example, if you create a test VB program with the following code (that works without error) then the parameter in quotes is what should be used for the Prog-ID.

Set plugin = Createobject ( “Plug-in_Name.Engine” )

To make a custom plug-in be registered you must add the following function to your plug-in code. WorkgroupMail will pass to it the number of days since WorkgroupMail was installed. The plug-in then notifies WorkgroupMail of its registration status.

‘// Return True to say that this plug-in is registered
Public Function Registered(ByRef piDays As Long) As Boolean
Registered = True

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