How do I implement IIS SMTP and GMS on the same machine?

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The Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) now supplies its own SMTP service. This is installed by default when IIS is installed, this can lead to port conflicts with other services that also attempt to access the standard SMTP port – such as Gordano’s SMTP service.

The IIS SMTP service is an SMTP only service. It provides no method of accessing messages and does not support POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, list services, anti-virus protection, anti-spam protection, etc.

It is designed to allow email to be sent by web pages written using Active Server Pages (ASP) using CDONTS.


There are three solutions to getting ASP pages to send email:

  1. The simplest solution is to stop using the IIS SMTP service altogether, either because it is not required or there is an alternative means of producing email messages from ASP pages. Gordano provide a COM object as part of its Accessory Pack which can be used directly from ASP pages to generate messages in a similar way to using CDONTS. This means that there is no requirement to use IIS SMTP at all.
  2. It is possible to set the IIS SMTP service to run on a non standard SMTP port, this does not affect its ability to accept messages from ASP pages. This allows the Gordano messaging suite to continue to run on the standard port unhindered providing you with a full messaging service.
  3. The last option is more complex and can be acheived because of the great flexibility of Gordano’s messaging servics. This involves setting the Gordano messaging system to bind to a limited number of IP Addresses. The IIS SMTP server can then bind to an unused IP address.

    To do this you need to use the IP Flexibility options within the Gordano Messaging Suite by selecting the “Use IP Connection File” option from the Incoming > Connections page. You can then specify the IP address and port to be used for each service and each domain that you are running.

    The Gordano services will then only bind to those IP addresses and ports that you have specified.

    Note that use of this option stops the automatic associations set up by the Gordano software between domains and IP addresses and any changes that you wish to make to existing or future domains within this software will have
    to be made manually in future.

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