How do I hide a domain pending change of MX records?

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I’m going to start hosting a domain that is already set up on another server (external to my network). The MX records haven’t been changed yet. I’ve started setting up the domain on my GMS box, but now my current customers can’t send mail to the domain because GMS thinks it owns the domain, even though the MX records point somewhere else. Is there a way to put a domain on hold until I’m ready to put it into production?


You could open regedt32 and go to
hkey_local_machineSoftwareInternetShopperMailDomain and set the
REG_DWORD DomainType variable on the right of the screen to a value of 0.

The domain will then to all intents and purposes not exist on your system until you go back and change this to its original value.

You will need to reboot the server or restart all of the Gordano services for this change to be applied.

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