How do I enable a domain address book?

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There are set of address books that may be displayed to everyone who has an account in that domain. Service Providers typically use this feature to allow their clients to have address books shared between all their employees.


Version 7.01 and above
The ability to view the domain address book is controlled by a profile option. This is disabled by default.

Enter the GMS GUI and ensure that the “Show domain address book” option is selected in the profile privileges screen for the user’s profile.

Versions prior to 7.01
Log into the GMS Webmail client as a user with domain administration rights or higher. Click on the address book icon in the menu at the top of the screen. This displays a new window for address books. Click on the “Domain” item in the menu tree on the left of the window. This displays a dialog allowing you to create a new domain address book by clicking on the Add button.

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