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How do I disable the Relay log (Meslog)?


How can I stop the log files in the gordanomeslog (/opt/gordano/mail/meslog on UNIX) directory growing so large?


The logs in this directory contain copies of mail that is relayed through your server; i.e. it is neither from or to one of your local domains. This could be backup mail for domains for which you provide MX backup, or mail that is neither to or from a local domain, even though it may be from your local users as defined by your LocalIP settings.

If the messages in the logs are not from your users and are not for a domain that you are conciously acting as a relay for you should review your relay settings. See the KB articles below for further help with relay settings.

Once you have determined that you are not acting as an open relay if the logs are still larger than you would like they can be disabled in the following way:

  • Log on to the Gordano interface as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the Support>System Variables page.
  • Select “LogAllMessages” from the “Select Variable” box.
  • Enter 0 in the “New Value” box.
  • Click on the “Change Value” button.
  • Navigate to the System>Control Services page.
  • Click on “Update All”. On UNIX machines you will need to manually restart the Gordano services.

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