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How do I determine which hotfixes to apply to my system?


I have noticed that there are a number of hotfixes available for the GMS, but I don’t know which if any of these apply to my system. How can I determine whether or not I should apply them?


From time to time it is necessary for Gordano to issue a hotfix for subsets of the GMS, this is most commonly due to a previously unknown mime vulnerability being discovered.

These hotfixes are normally made available on our ftp site and their availability is announced on our discussion lists. The discussion lists can be joined from the support section of our web site.

Which if any of the hotfixes you should select will depend very much on the version of GMS you are currently running. The simplest method to determine this is to take a look at the readme.txt file in the root of the hotfixes directory and determine if any of the hotfixes are more recent than the date of the main program files in the gordano bin directory.

If your program files are newer then you need do nothing. If the hotfix has a more recent date then simply select the newest of the hotfixes. Hotfixes are cumulative, i.e. the most recent oen will also include any previous hotfixes.

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