How do I determine the AccountType values when using MML?

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Section 6 of the MML Programmer´s Guide lists the various constants used
in MML, including the AccountType values.
However, my installation of
Build 3037 uses very different values from those indicated.

For example, the Manual lists "AccountTypeNTDatabase" as "15", but my
registry shows "294192".


The MML documentation refers to bits and values. The
AccountType is a bitmap and various bits get enabled or disabled depending
on what settings are required.
The values are shown in their decimal form
in the user space.

The bits are always worked in binary so to write bit 15 you would use
1000000000000000 binary.
If you convert this to decimal you get a value of 32768

On top of this you see that bit 18 is required to enable a mailbox for the
Writing this in binary gives 1000000000000000000 or in decimal a
value of 262144.

32768 + 262144 = 294192

So a value of 294192 indicates that the user is an NT Database user and
that the mailbox is enabled for that user.

If the user also had a forward set up the value would become 294196 and so

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