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How do I deliver CC: mail with a Dial-up Connection?


All of the mail for our Internet domain name gets delivered into a single POP mailbox at our ISP. How can I get mail with that has been “CC’d to one of our users” properly delivered using a Dialup connection to our ISP?


There are obvious opportunities for error if you use ?To? or ?CC? header clauses when collecting mail from a remote pop account. Very often the actual recipient of the message will not be addressed in the To field; for instance, if a BCC is used or if the post comes from a list server.

The best way to do this all depends on how your ISP writes mail to your POP mailbox. Ideally the ISP will add a header to all mails maintaining the SMTP envelope information. It is common to see a header such as “X-Envelope-To”. If your ISP does this, the simplest thing is to use this to determine the recipient of the mail by selecting
Deliver mail using = Header clause = “X-Envelope-To: *”

If they do not do this, but the correct user is always displayed in at least one of the Received headers, then I would slightly change your rule:
Deliver mail using = Header clause = “Received: * for *”

If the user is not always in the Received header, then you may be restricted to using 2 rules; one for the To field and one for the CC field, but this is far from ideal and can easily lead to mail not being delivered correctly.

It is also recommended that you always use a Default Delivery Address to catch any mail that does not match the header clauses you specify, else that mail will not be delivered anywhere.

If your ISP is using GMS/NTMail then they should have set up a pop domain for you, in this case you simply need to select this option in your local configuration of your dialup actions.

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