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How Do I Convert my ASA Database to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using Mirroring?


Data in OfficeTalk needs to be ported from an ASA database to Microsoft SQL Server. This same principle can also be applied to conversion between ASA, Microsoft SQL Server and Jet. Note that the setup program supports an upgrade from OfficeTalk with Jet to OfficeTalk with ASA.


The data can be migrated from one database to another on the same server using Mirroring. Refer to the OficeTalk Help file for more information on Mirroring.

More Info

The procedure for converting data from OfficeTalk with ASA to OfficeTalk with Jet is very similar and is slightly less involved than that described below. The new Jet database can be created directly in the ODBC applet, skipping over step 1.


  1. On the computer that you have Microsoft SQL Server installed, open Enterprise Manager and select your SQL server. Create a new database by right-clicking on the server name and selecting New >> Database from the context menu. Call the database OTDB_SQL. Click OK to dismiss the dialog. Expand the newly created database, click on Users and add the SQL/AD users who will require access to the database.
  2. Open the Data Sources (ODBC) applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools) and click on the System DSN tab. Click on the Add button, select SQL Server and click Finish. You will now be presented with the Create a New Data Source to SQL Server Wizard. In the Name field type: OTDB_SQL. Select or enter the SQL Server name into the Server combobox. Click Next. Select whether you wish to use NT Authentication or SQL Authentication. Enter a user, where appropriate, and click Next. Check the Change the Default Database checkbox, allowing you to select your database, and choose “OTDB” from the combobox. Click Next. Dismiss the next page by clicking Finish. Confirm connectivity by clicking Test Data Source.
  3. Log into OfficeTalk and ensure there are no remote workgroups by going into Supervisor Mode and selecting Workgroups. Right-click on Remote Workgroups and select New Remote Workgroup.
  4. Give the new remote workgroup a name such as OTSQL and click Next.
  5. Select Mirrored and click Next.
  6. Leave the Password textbox empty and click Next.
  7. Ensure that all of the options are checked, and click Next.
  8. Make sure all Record Types since field is set to [Get all] and click Next.
  9. Ensure that all of the options are checked and press Next.
  10. Make sure all Record Types since field is set to [Get all] and click Next.
  11. Set the Connection Type to Synchronous Database Access and click Next.
  12. Select the data source created in the first stage (OTDB_SQL) and click Next.
  13. Set Always Send / Receive Attachment Data and click Finish. Click OK to setup the Mirrored Remote Workgroup.
  14. Allow the mirroring process to complete, and then close OfficeTalk.
  15. Open Data Sources (ODBC) from within Administrative Tools in the Control Panel, and go to the System DSN tab.
  16. Rename your existing “OTDB” data-source to “OTDB_OLD”.
  17. Rename your new “OTDB_SQL” data-source to “OTDB”.
  18. Open OfficeTalk. You should now be presented with a log in screen encompassing your users, but you may notice that the Workgroup name will be set to “OTSQL”. To change this, go into Supervisor Mode, select License >> Enter Keycode and type in your Workgroup Name and Keycode into this dialog.
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