How do I configure GMS Archive & Recovery?

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In order to use GMS Archive & Recovery, you must first obtain and enter a key for GMS Archive & Recovery into the Gordano interface. Keys are available from Sales

Having done this, you need to get hold of a copy of the Gordano Accessory Pack by downloading it from the Gordano Web Site. Older releases of the pack can be obtained from the Gordano FTP site. Unzip the Accessory Pack to the Gordano base directory, making sure to maintain the folder structure, then log in to the administration interface.

Next, create a new user in the Users section of the interface, which will act as the archive account. Once this user is created, first disable the mailbox for the user from the Users > Edit page, then go to the processing page for that user, select eSarah from the drop down menu "Select Robot" then press configure.

You will now need to enter the directory you want the message logs to be saved to, and the email address you would like to have alerts or error messages sent to. You can also configure disk space and other archival options here.

Finally, you can enter email addresses that are permitted to perform the email based GMS Archive & Recovery searches using wildcards if you so wish.

Once you have set these options, you need to set up the sending of the logs to the archive account. If you want to save all messages for the server, go to the Logs > Relay Save section of the interface, and enter the email address of the archive account in the "Configuration for GMS Archive & Recovery account" box, then press Update. This will automatically setup the archiving of the log files. Messages for a specific domain can be saved from the Logs > Domain Save section of the interface.

Once everything is set up and the first set of logs successfully archived, the archives can be searched using the Logs > Offsite Search section of the interface.

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