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How do I configure Clam AV to work with WorkgroupMail 7?


What is Clam AV?

Clam AV (http://www.clamav.net/) is an open source virus product primarily for UNIX.
There is a windows port available which provides a command line scanner.

Follow their instructions. Once installed you can test ClamAV with an Eicar test virus
Once installed you will need to make sure you have a temporary folder set up, for example c:tmp.

In the WorkgroupMail Administrator set up a user defined antivirus product, as described in this FAQ.

Settings for Clam AV

Name: Clam AV for Windows
A name this Anti-virus engine will be known by, you can use whatever you like here

Path: C:clamav-develbinclamscan.exe
Browse to where you installed the ClamAV product and find the clamscan executable.

Arguments: –tempdir=c:tmp –remove -m –block-encrypted <ShortFile>
replace c:tmp with your temporary folder
remove –block-encrypted if you wish to allow your users to receive encrypted zip files

Then close the dialogue box and use the Diagnostics on the Edit menu to test the configuration. Clam AV should correctly find the Eicar test virus.

Please read the Clam AV documentation and refer to their website and newsgroups for more information.

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