How do I check if the WorkgroupShare server is running?

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  • When installing the WorkgroupShare client the following error is reported

    ‘Unable to get users from WorkgroupShare server! Please make sure the server is running on the correct computer’.

  • When synchronizing, the WorkgroupShare client displays the ‘Connect to WorkgroupShare server’ dialogue box.


Start the WorkgroupShare Administrator program and run the diagnostics by clicking Edit, Run Diagnostics. Check the General and Database options and click Next. A green check mark should appear next to General and Database, indicating that the WorkgroupShare server program is running and is accessible to clients. If a red cross appears then a problem has been found. Click Next and the problem will be described in more detail. If the Diagnostics checks were unable to connect to your WorkgroupShare server then one of the following errors will be reported.

  • Unable to connect to the WorkgroupShare server at address localhost on port 8100. Please ensure that the WorkgroupShare server is running.
  • Unable to create socket to test connection to the WorkgroupShare server on localhost.

Click finish to close the diagnostics box.

If the diagnostics completed succesfully then the WorkgroupShare server is running. If you are still unable to connect from a client then refer to the following FAQ
My client cannot connect to the WorkgroupShare server.

If the WorkgroupShare server was not running, start it by following instructions in the FAQ
How do I start the WorkgroupShare Server Process?.

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