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How do I change the IP address on a GMS server


  1. Add the new IP address to your machine in Control Panel > Network > Protocols > TCP/IP > Properties > Advanced. Leave the old IP address there for now so that both are bound. Reboot the machine.
  2. Open the GMS configuration interface, and go to Administration > Mail > DOMAINS > Edit Domain. Select the new IP address from the drop-down menu and click Update. Use “mail -stop” and “mail -start” from the command line in your gordanobin directory to stop and start all services.
  3. If you use the short cut on the Start menu to access the configuration GUI use a text editor to edit the file mailconfig.htm to reflect the new IP address so that browsers can access the web interface.
  4. If you will no longer be using the old IP address on the machine, remove it from the Control Panel location in step 1.

Note: Similar steps can be performed on Linux installs using the ifconfig command rather than the Control Panel.

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