How do I change the Cookies displayed in the GMS GUI?

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If you have disabled the display of tips in the Administration GUI, you may find that they are replaced with other text such as "Gordano Ltd can provide you with 8×5 and 24×7 telephone support – if you feel you need it."

This text is known as a "Cookie"


There is a file in the base GMS directory called "cookies.txt". This file contans a number of items for display within the Administration GUI when there is no relevant help message to display.

You are free to edit this file to replace the default cookies with specific ones of your own. Each Cookie should be on a single line of its own.

The first line of the file contains a number, this number should match the total number of cookies you have entered. i.e. if you have three cookies in the file this number should be 3.

You can also use HTML formatting within the cookie so you could for example, link to further information on a particular point.

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