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How do I authenticate using Windows databases?


Windows Database authentication is easily enabled through the GMS administration interface. First, enable "Use NT SAM database" in the main Authentication section of the interface.

Once this has been enabled, select the domain you wish to use the SAM database with and under that select Authentication. There are a number of options available to interact with the NT SAM database as follows:

  • Default domain on local machine in local or global group.
  • Default domain on machine – type the machine name.
  • Lookup in NT domains – enter a list of the domains. For example, if you were running NTMail on a member server and authentication on several Primary Domain Controllers (PDCs), you would type here the list of domains handled by the PDCs.

You must ensure the users you wish to be authenticated through this method are in a group, local or global, with the exact same name as the Internet domain name.

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