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How do I allow unsupported browsers access to GMS?


There are significant differences between the way that browsers display pages and run JavaScript. GMS software has been written to take browers, platform and version numbers into account and display pages correctly. Netscape 6, for example, is not supported due to its lack of support for LiveConnect.
Browsers that are not supported in the Professional interface can use the Express and/or Mobile interfaces.

Version 15:
JAVA has been completely removed from the new WebMail client making it both slicker and faster operationally than its predecessor.
The Web client now offers a familiar and more intuitive interface similar to a high-end desktop client.
Presently, JAVA is still required in areas of the administration interface.

In addition to WebMail no longer relying on JAVA, other key changes for browser support include:

  • Old MSIE versions are no longer supported, only MSIE 6 and newer will be.

  • Firefox is now supported on a Mac – Version 2 and above.
  • Netscape (non-Mozilla based) is no longer supported.
  • Opera is no longer supported.

Version 16:
Version 16 of the Gordano Messaging Suite will broaden the current browser support to include both Google Chrome and Apple Safari .


There is a Variable called "AllowAllBrowsers" that can be set to allow access from any other browsers including Opera, AOL and Konqueror. This variable can be set at the System, Domain or User level. If set at the user level the user must first log on before the setting is applied, to do this they can access the logon page directly, i.e. http://localhost:8000/logon.mml.

The AllowAllBrowsers variable is a bitmask, with various bits set to determine which browsers you want to access the system. The bitmask set is as follows:

Bit 0: Allow all browsers (for backwards compatibility)
Bit 1: Mozilla based browsers (Netscape 7 included)
Bit 2: Opera 6 & 7

So to allow all browsers, enter the value of 1 into the GUI which means that bit 0 has been enabled.
More information on bitmasks can be found in the ‘See also’ section below.

Others such as Opera 8 and Konqueror will be added as required.

By default all unsupported browsers are treated as Internet Explorer, the link below shows how to configure the server to treat them as you choose.

Note: Access to both the Admin and GMS WebMail interfaces using the above methods is not supported. If you find that it works for you, all well and good. If it fails in any way or form, rather than contacting the Gordano Support Team please contact the manufacturers of the browser.

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