How do I Administer an OfficeTalk ASA database using the Interactive SQL utility?

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The Interactive SQL application offers the ability to perform basic command line administration of the OfficeTalk ASA database. This application is part of SQL Anywhere and is shipped with the OfficeTalk server distribution. For greater control and configuration of your database you may download Sybase Central as detailed in this FAQ: Where can I download Sybase Central to administer my OfficeTalk database?


Note: Interactive SQL will only work on OfficeTalk installations with a Sybase ASA 9 database
Note: Please make a backup of your database before opening Interactive SQL.
Note: Editing the database directly could lead to loss or corruption of your data. Take care when editing the database directly.

  1. Open Interactive SQL on the OfficeTalk server computer, the computer that will be running the ASA9 database server application. Click Start >> Run and type the following:

    %programfiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywheredbisqlc.exe

  2. The Connect to Adaptive Server Anywhere dialogue will open. In the User ID textbox type dba, in the password textbox type sql, select OTDB from the Data Source Name combobox and click OK.
  3. The main Interactive SQL window will open; this is where you may run SQL statements.
  4. In the command window, type your SQL statement, for example you may wish to type select * from rcvdmessages to see the received queue, and then click on the Execute button. The output will be displayed in the data window.

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