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How do I access the Gordano FTP site via a DOS Client.


I do not have an FTP client and need to use the DOS utility to connect to the Gordano FTP site.


Open a command prompt and change to the directory you wish to save the retrieved file in.

From this directory type
ftp ftp.gordano.com and enter.

You will be prompted for a username and password. Use the following

User : anonymous

Password: your email address

You will now be able to select the directory you wish to retrieve files from.

To change directory use the "cd" command, for example if you require the Version5 directory you would type:

cd Version5

To list the available sub directories and files use the "dir" command

Prior to downloading change the download type to Binary by typing "bin" and enter.

To download a file type "get" filename, for example get ntmvscan.dll

To quit the FTP session type "quit" and enter.

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