How did Gordano get its name?

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Gordano Ltd (formerly Internet Shopper Ltd) changed it’s name to Gordano on
1-Jan-99. Gordano was chosen because:

  • It is the name of the valley
    where the company resides;

  • It has no negative meaning in French, German,
    Italian, Spanish, or English;

  • The company name was available;
  • The
    .com was available; and

  • The only other references on the Internet were
    church archives dating from the Doomsday book and a car rally.

the major release in 2002, the product set had become much more than just
“NTMail” (i.e. email for Microsoft’s Windows NT) with the inclusion of
Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Mobile & Wireless support. Further, our
products were available for Linux, AIX, and Solaris platforms. In fact, we
could truly say "Want a messaging solution? Fine. Choose your
platform, tell us your requirements and we’ll provide you with a
solution." Towards the end of 2002, the product name was changed to
“Gordano Messaging Suite” which gives a much clearer idea of the suite


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