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How can one edit a filter — or even view what the settings are?


Mail Meta Language (MML) scipts are used extensivly in Gordano Messaging Products to manage and redirect email. MML is extremely powerful and can cause messages to be redirected, forwarded, discarded, changed, etc. Mis-use of MML can cause no email to be delivered at all!

There are many scripts that may be executed during the delivery of a single email message. Details on how to edit a filter depend upon which filter you wish to alter.


Some of the common scripts used to filter email through GMS products include:

  • User level filters. These are managed by GMS Webmail. Filters can be viewed by logging on as the user and selecting the filter branch in the tree on the
    left then the name of the actual filter. It is possible to alter these filters directly with indeterminate results. Note that GMS Webmail will over-write any changes when its filters are updated.

  • The raw MML script used in the filter can be viewed by
    opening the file deliveryscript.mml in the users directory, note though that this file should not be edited manually.

  • Global or domain level filters can be viewed via GMS Anti-Spam > Content > Global Filters or GMS Anti-Spam > Content > Domain Filters respectively.

    The raw MML scripts can be viewed by opening
    gordanofilterscript.mml or gordanodomainscript.mml respectively.

Note 1: Altering scripts directly may cause complete delivery failure or system lock-up. You are recommended to use the GUI to change scripts rather than edit them directly.
Note 2: Scripts and their results are not support by the Gordano Support Team.

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