How can I use GMS as a web server?

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How can I use GMS as a Web server, and have a separate web site for each full domain?


GMS Mail and GMS Webmail have a web server embedded which allow you to configure the products and read email. In addition, they can also serve standard web pages, graphics, presentations, etc. They can provide pages on a per-domain basis and also on a per-user basis as well.

Per domain
Any FULL domain on your system can have its own web site. To enable the site, you need to create a directory called "WWW" under the chosen domain name and place files in that directory. The default home page is "index.htm". For example, the default home page for, would be in the directory location: c:gordanogordano.comwwwindex.htm.

Per user
Each user may have their own web site if the directory "WWW" is created in their user directory. To access the directory, they would need to use the URL:

For security reasons, these sites are static only, and cannot include MML scripting.

In both cases you will need to enable the WWW server on port 80 by creating the AllowWWWServer system variable.

e.g. AllowWWWServer = 1

This can be set under Support->System Variables. You will then need to stop and start the NTMail configuration service.

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