How can I test if the Virus Checker plug-in is working correctly?

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The Virus Protection plug-in must be correctly licenced and installed. Check this by clicking the Summary shortcut in the left hand window of the Administrator.

WorkgroupMail v7.2 and later now has automatic testing of the Virus Protection function built into the diagnostics.

Click Edit | Run Diagnostics… If you have an older version of WorkgroupMail v7, upgrade to the latest release of WorkgroupMail More info. If you have WorkgroupMail v6 then refer to the manual test at the end of this FAQ.

An email message is created by WorkgroupMail in the tmp folder and the Eicar test string is written to the file as an attachment. This simulates the receipt of a virus infected message. WorkgroupMail then checks that the message has not been modified by an anti-virus program, confirming that the temp folder has been correctly excluded from the anti-virus system protection. WorkgroupMail then launches the Virus Protection plug-in. If a virus is successfully detected then the message is quarantined and a notification is sent, if specified in the plug-in. The diagnostics returns no error regarding Virus Protection.

If Content Filtering is used to perform the Virus Protection then WorkgroupMail also checks that the plug-in is enabled and that there is an enabled rule that will virus check the message file. WorkgroupMail does not check the validity of the actions in the virus checking rules. However, during the diagnostics test, the virus checking rules will be triggered and the specified actions taken by WorkgroupMail

The following errors may be reported by the diagnostics:-

The WorkgroupMail Virus Protection plug-in was unable to find the appropriate virus engine file. Please check the plug-in settings.

The anti virus product is not correctly installed, the wrong anti virus product is selected in the Virus Protection plug-in or the user-defined path to the scanner file is incorrect.

The WorkgroupMail Virus Protection plug-in was unable to detect the (harmless) EICAR test virus! Please check the plug-in settings.

The anti virus program may not be configured to delete or repair the infected file or the user defined command line switches do not specify this action. Check that the virus scanner has access to its virus definition files. These usually need to be in the same folder as the scanner executable. Check the log files for your anti virus product.

You have automatic virus checking turned on for the WorkgroupMail data folder. Please make sure that virus checking is turned off for this folder and all sub folders as mail will be checked for viruses by WorkgroupMail.

Configure your anti virus product to exclude the WorkgroupMail data folder (and sub folders) from the system protection.

Failed to perform Virus Protection plug-in test! You may have run out of disk space.

Please check your available disk space on the WorkgroupMail partition.

The Content Filter plug-in does not contain an enabled rule to check for viruses!

Create or enable a rule in Content Filtering that has the condition ‘Message contains a virus’ as this is where the virus check is initiated from when the Virus Protection plug-in is used with Content Filtering.

The Content Filter plug-in is not enabled so viruses cannot be checked for!

Please enable the Content Filtering plug-in to enable the Virus Protection plug-in to be called.

To manually test the Virus Protection, send an Eicar virus test file from a mail client (with anti-virus disabled) to another client with anti-virus enabled. The virus should be detected at WorkgroupMail and the following actions taken:

  1. The message will

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