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How can I send large log files to Gordano's Support Department?


Gordano’s Support Department have requested that I send them the transaction logs and system recovery file in order that they can debug an issue I am currently experiencing on my server. However these files are deemed too large to be transmitted via email so how can I send them to support?


Gordano permit support files to be uploaded to our FTP site. Simply point your FTP client to ftp.gordano.com and log in (File > Login as) with the following credentials

Username: customer
Password: uploads

Please note: Immediately after logging in to the FTP server, your client may throw up a permissions error. Simply ignore this as it will be your FTP client attempting to perform a directory listing which it does not have access to do. You will still be able to PUT/upload your files on the server.

Please ensure that the log files are zipped (compressed) and that the name of the zip file includes your customer reference number and the date of the enclosed logs. For example "NT1234_17122002.zip". This will avoid any potential conflict with customers uploading similarly named log files.

If you are using a more recent Windows Operating System such as Vista or 7 and are using IE as your FTP client, you may need to view the FTP site in Windows Explorer.
To do this click the “Page” button and then “Open FTP site in Windows Explorer” Now, right click on the new window but not on any items and you should find you have a “Login as” option.

Please ensure that you let the Support Department know that the log files are there or you may not get a timely response.

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