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How can I port from sendmail to GMS?


I am currently running sendmail but would like to convert to GMS for all my messaging requirements. Is there an easy way to do this?


Yes. Gordano provide a tool specifically designed to allow customers to port from sendmail over to a GMS solution. The target system can run on either a Windows or Unix platform. Solaris (sparc), Linux and AIX versions of GMS components are available.

The conversion utility will convert info in /etc/passwd (along with shadow if supported) into a standard GMS configuration file. This file can then be loaded into an existing GMS setup – perhaps a trial installation on a new

The utility can either be run on the UNIX or Windows machine. Gordano can supply pre-compiled versions for Linux, Solaris Sparc or code for other variants assuming you have a suitable C compiler, libraries, linker, make

If the utility is to be run on a Windows machine, it needs to have a SAMBA share to the root directory of the UNIX box with permissions set so it can access all the config files and mailboxes. Root access or the permissions for the UNIX files/directories should be temporarily modified to allow
read-only access for other users.

To obtain a copy of the porting tool please contact sales@gordano.com and request a copy of the relevant porting tool. Our sales team will include full instructions.

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