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How can I over ride phrases in Gordano's Dynamic Word List?


In build 3180 of The Gordano Messaging Suite an Anti-Spam Dynamic Word Update service was implemented. The dynamic update service provides automatic updates of a list containing phrases commonly found in UCE, at user defined intervals. This dynamic service can be used along side the standard global and domain level word filters to provide an effective Anti Spam solution.


Gordano have a number of "honeypots" specifically designed for the purpose of accumulating masses of UCE for testing purposes. Our engineers then sift these accounts extracting relevant phrases that are likely to catch a large amount of UCE and constantly update the list with these phrases.

If you feel that one of the phrases in the dynamic filter is stopping legitimate mail from getting through it is easy for you to set a bypass for that phrase.

To do so, select the phrase from the Dynamic Word List that is causing the mail to be rejected then add it to either the Global or Domain restricted word list, immediately preceding the phrase with a "+" sign.

For example, if the phrase "this is genuine mail" is causing messages to mistakenly be rejected add an entry as follows to either of the other lists

+this is genuine mail

Note: The "+" must be the first character on the line.

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