How can I diagnose problems with WorkgroupMail v6?

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  • Run the Diagnostics utility (Edit, Run Diagnostics). If the Administrator is unable to connect to localhost on the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ports then check that the WorkgroupMail server program is running. If the server program will not start then check that the licenced number of users has not been exceeded in the Administrator.
  • Stop the WorkgroupMail server program.
  • Check that you are not running low on disk space.
  • Make sure that the folder C:Program FilesWorkgroupMailEventlog is not excessively full of files. If in doubt, delete all but those created in the last few days. In the Purging page of the Settings property sheet, set the number of days to 1. Check that the Sent and received Message queues are not excessively full of messages (WorkgroupMail may stop responding when viewing these folders. Confirm the number of messages by using Windows Explorer and examining the mailbox folders in ..WorkgroupmailRcvdMsgsusr0000000x).
  • If running Workgroupmail as a service, please ensure that you are using a dedicated user account with administrator permissions and full access permissions to the WorkgroupMail folder tree and the system temp folder. Stop the WorkgroupMail service and temporarily run Workgroupmail as an executable (click Start, Run and browse to the file wmsvc.exe in the WorkgroupMail installation folder). This will generally give better error reporting dialogues. NB. The service will restart automatically when the server is rebooted.
  • Delete any unnecessary files from your system Temp folder, eg. C:Temp, C:WindowsTemp or C:Documents and SettingsUserxxxLocal SettingsTemp depending on your operating system. Files of the type tmpxxx.tmp have been created by WorkgroupMail and can be deleted.
  • If you have SMTP/POP3 logging enabled then delete any unnecessary log files from the specified folder. Ensure that the log files are not placed in C: or C:Program FilesWorkgroupMail. Only keep this function enabled for debugging purposes.
  • Please make sure that you are running the latest release of WorkgroupMail v6, v6.5.8, which you can download from our website at Stop the WorkgroupMail server program and the Administrator program and if you use WebMail , also stop the IIS service. Run the WorkgroupMail setup program and accept the default location for the program files and data, as prompted, to retain your settings. Then, if applicable, restart IIS and download and install the latest release of WebMail,
  • If you have the setting ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server’ selected to leave a copy of messages at your ISP then you must also configure WorkgroupMail to delete messages after a short period of time depending on your message throughput. This setting is not recommended for optimum performance. If you need to keep a copy of messages then use the Message Archiver plug-in.
  • Check that you are not configured as an open relay. Click here for more information.
  • Temporarily disable any Anti-Virus program to eliminate this as a cause of the problem. The WorkgroupMail data folder structure should be excluded from the virus protection program.
  • Remove the schedule for sending and receiving the mail with the ISP and see if internal mail can be sent and received without problem.
  • Delete all of the plug-ins from the Administrator program to eliminate these as a possible cause. (The settings for these and the necessary program files will not be deleted, so that they can be re-imported later). If this is successful, re-introducing the plug-ins one at a time will identify where the problem lies. If the problem lies with the Content Filtering plug-in, disable all rules and then re-introduce them one at a time to b

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